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David Z.J. Chu, M.D.

Surgical Oncology

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    Cancer often takes center stage among our health concerns as it is the main cause for deaths among men and women over 65 years of age. Cancer is only surpassed by cardiovascular diseases in terms of cause of death and morbidity depending on age, gender, ethnicity and country of residence.

    We dedicate ourselves to inform, promote research and treat individuals with cancer.  We participate in the team approach, calling upon several areas of expertise.

    Cancer cures require focus on the problem at hand delving into molecular biology and advanced technologies. Help for the individuals afflicted by cancer, goes beyond the " basic sciences". Support from family and attention to psychosocial make up can strengthen the individual against the hardships of the disease.



1. Greater than 30% of cancers are preventable with current practices and knowledge.

2. Cancer screening can detect tumors at "early stages" which can be surgically eliminated.

3. Major surgical interventions are designed to maximize curative outcome, functionality and quality of life.



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